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We improve the management of your files

Records management consulting - Andreas Steigmeier - docuteam, Baden

The term records management stands for a structured, efficient, and systematic handling of records produced during business activities, whatever its medium (data, electronic files, paper). Records management is based on the ISO standard and refers to the entire lifecycle of records – from their creation to their archiving as well as their destruction.

  • Records management consulting
  • Electronic document management system (EDM) coaching
  • Records life-cycle consulting
  • Archives management consulting

We take care of your paper and digital records

Gestion archives

Archives management is one of our business areas. Here we offer our expertise in the practical handling of paper and digital records. The records are stored in your archive or your preferred place of deposit and we take care of the work.

  • Selecting and Cataloguing your records
  • Appraising your records
  • Support for archiving (outsourcing)
  • Digitization of your records
  • Converting File Formats

We design and ensure digital archiving

software - lizenzfreies Bild

You wish to keep digital records useable over generations of hardware, system software, and applications. We advise and support you in digital archiving projects. We design IT systems based on software developed by us or by integrating external components and systems. We lean on the reference model OAIS (ISO 14721). docuteam cosmos is our cloud solution for digital archiving.

  • digital archiving: docuteam cosmos
  • Hosting of digital archives
  • Installation of an electronic archiving system
  • AtoM, the archive management platform

We develop software for archives

digital archiving - royalty-free image

Our software solutions are specifically developed for the archives sector and cover the whole range of requirements to efficiently manage and use an archive.

  • Digital magazine with docuteam box
  • Flexible ingest with docuteam feeder
  • Metadata management with docuteam context
  • Publication, access, and research with docuteam sirius
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